Some History

The neighbourhood is located in the south-east part of Mississauga and has been a hidden gem of community with an incredibly rich history. This part of the city was an apple orchard prior to GS Shipp & Son Limited purchasing 23 acres of land for $43,000 in the summer of 1951. Believe it or not, the first bungalow sold for $12,500.

Who Are We?

We are fellow homeowners in the Applewood Acres neighbourhood of Mississauga. The Association is led by an Executive Committee that meets regularly to plan events and discuss issues that impact the community. It's important to keep everybody informed and connected.

Our neighbourhood's boundaries are:
Cawthra Road to the west
Dixie Road to the east
Queensway Road to the north
North Service Road to the south


The Executive Team


Beryl Chamberlain


Can you guess how many years Beryl has lived in Applewood Acres?


Andre Lill

Vice President

His day job is selling houses but in reality it's all about the hair. Period.


Dan Barrett


Growing up in the neighbourhood has taught him everything he knows today.


Jamie Maclean


No relation to Maclean's Magazine or Don Maclean. Maybe.